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Types Of UK Pub

Historically, pubs were dingy drinking holes where men would go after a hard day at work to drink ale and be merry, while the women looked after the children, cooked dinner and cleaned up.

But times have changed somewhat since then, and now pubs welcome men and women at all times of day, and some pubs also welcome children if accompanied by adults. In fact pub chains, such as Brewster’s, encourage families to visit by offering food, including a children’s menu, and providing a children’s play area, and even parent and toddler mornings.

There are also plenty of other national chains of pubs, some of which cater for families, such as JD Wetherspoon, and others such as Harvester pubs.

If you’re a sports fan, a biker, or even a Star Trek fanatic, then you may want to consider going to a theme pub, which specially cater for a niche audience and can be found throughout the UK. Other examples of theme pubs include rock pubs and biker pubs.

Although technically a theme pub, Irish pubs have grown in popularity so much that they are now viewed as a type of pub in their own right. On the surface, there is very little difference between an Irish pub and its English counterpart but taking a closer look reveals that the décor and entertainment in these Irish pubs is usually based on famous Dublin pubs, such as O’Donoghue’s and O’Connor’s, and therefore Irish pubs tend to have more live music and the customers are encouraged to get up and sing a song, and there is generally a livelier atmosphere in Irish pubs than in other pubs. In recent years, the number of Irish pubs in England has increased dramatically with the likes of O’Connor’s and Murphy’s establishing Irish theme pubs in most cities across the UK.

Other types of pubs you may find in the UK include, country pubs, which are usually quiet traditional pubs in a small scenic village, Australian theme pubs, such as the Walkabout chain of pubs, and city centre bars with loud music and cocktail menus.

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